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      Adatte Design Art Store

      Born in Switzerland in 1991, Adatte Design is an industrial product design studio. Back in the days, many objects were self-initiated designs that were sold directly to customers. It gave room for complete creative freedom. The result was amazing products that still stand the test of time and are still used today (see some examples on adattedesign.ch main site or Instagram).
      Adatte Design SA is a B2B company that designs, manufactures and supplies different kind of objects mostly in the luxury field. In 2020, we decided to open this online store to sell exclusive products designed by our creative team and produced by our artisans in a B2C model, just like we started almost 30 years ago.

      Thank you for visiting this e-shop and have a look at our catalog.

      NOTE: We have seen many e-shops steal our images and our works to resell on their website without authorization. Be aware. We are for now the only authorized dealers for the products shown on this site. As for now, NO OTHER SHOP IS AUTHORIZED TO SELL OUR PRODUCTS.


      A view of the main Adatte Design studio room.A view of one of the rooms in our design studio.